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June Westfield

An ancient forest path lies before you ...

Welcome traveler! I'm June Westfield, a composer inspired by fantasy and nature who uses musical magic to create enchanted worlds for you to explore 🧙‍♀️✨🎵

Old hallways illuminated by floating candles, stray spells, and the occasional burst of sparks from a mischievous familiar! What fantastic secrets will you discover as a student of the magic academy? 🔮✨

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Recent Posts

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September Wanderings (2022)

I have something special to share with you: A new, unreleased song! This is a fantasy style composition with a bit of Celtic influence. 🍂

A mushroom circle under the words 'June Westfield'
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Unlocked: The Wizard's Study 🗝📚

Welcome to a new early access post! 🧙‍♀️

A stack of books and potion bottles lit by purple candle light.
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July Wanderings (2022)

Wizards, spaghetti, and a concert 🎵✨

A mushroom circle surrounded by sparkles, below the text June Westfield