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June Westfield

An ancient forest path lies before you ...

Welcome traveler! I'm June Westfield, a composer inspired by fantasy and nature who uses musical magic to create enchanted worlds for you to explore 🧙‍♀️✨🎵

Be swept away by 12 whimsical tracks capturing scenes from each season


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July Wanderings

The mouse knight is the smallest adventurer but one of the bravest! He wields a sword made from the hand of an old clock and wears a cloak made of autumn leaves. Where do you think his journey through the woods will lead him? 🍂

A mouse standing in an autumn wood wearing a leaf cloak and holding a clock hand as a sword
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June Wanderings

A fresh summer morning full of possibilities 🌱

A red haired fairy hides behind ivy vines that grow against a greenhouse window
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May Wanderings

Ren faire music and an interview with the hosts of Legends, Loot, & Lore ⚔️

A green fairy crouching in a forest clearing of purple flowers with a gothic arch behind her.